Cold day in a sick house

Feb 05 2011 Published by under Medicine

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I got a call at the office yesterday from Mrs. Pal.

"PalKid woke up flushed and has a fever.  I think she may have strep."

"So take her to the pediatrician."


Every trip to the pediatrician with PalKid is an adventure, but not the sort where you find gold at the end of a rainbow.  She is afraid to mention a sore throat because she's afraid of having her throat swabbed.  The entire experience usually ends with everyone exhausted, covered in snot an tears, and cranky.

"Well, if you really think she's got strep, bring her over to my office and we'll swab her," I said, wondering how much I might be underestimating my ultimate regret.

"Good luck with that.  We're on our way."

The staff at the office couldn't have been nicer to her, and manged to swab her throat with only a little bit of drama.  After confirming my wife's diagnosis, I called in some antibiotics and wondered how the rest of us might be feeling later.

It didn't take long for my wife's fever to hit, and this morning she woke up with a sore throat and a muffled voice that whispers "strep" to primary care docs.

So morning rounds are done, both at the hospital and at home, and I'm sitting in front of a roaring fire warming up, getting ready to read a book.  I figure I have about four more hours before everyone's motrin wears off.

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  • WMDKitty says:

    *hugs* to the whole Pal-family, here's hoping everyone recovers quickly.

  • William Wallace says:

    Did you make your wife get her throat swabbed, too? Because the doctors' offices in my part of the country feign to be concerned about the overuse of antibiotics as they insist everybody get the swab, even mothers with sore throats and symptoms and whose child was confirmed the day prior. I've even been lectured by U.S. doctors that some European countries do not prescribe antibiotics for strep throat. With one of the "science based" lecture regurgitating automatons I dealt with, I had to remind her that I am paying the medical bill, not society, that I was the patient, not society, and to shut up and write the prescription because I have no intention of suffering through a sinus infection (in that case) for 7 days before obtaining treatment. You will like this: she then proceeded to write the strongest anti-biotic she could get away with, hoping, I guess, that it would wreak havoc on my stomach. (I should have called the board of medical practice on her, just to make her waste time like she tried to waste mine.)

    Hope your family is feeling well soon. But if I were your wife I would have said "why waste the gas and create the drama? Bring home some antibiotics; we both know what strep throat looks like."

    • JJM says:

      Billy, you are a, twisted, ignorant P.O.S. You will be surprised how much smarter we have become after you graduate high school.

  • Bob O'H says:

    I hope the family gets well soon, and that it doesn't affect anyone else at home. But if it does, will PalKid be allowed to swab dad's throat?

  • Mara says:

    I was diagnosed with strep the same day you posted this. Ugh, what a horrible illness. If I've ever had it before, it wasn't nearly this bad a case. I don't like to do these things halfway, so I went for the fever/chills/sore throat/vomiting/body aches combo. Y'know, just to be absolutely sure. ::snort::

    I hope neither your wife nor PalKid felt as bad as I did 🙂 And I hope everyone is recovering well. I love me some Augmentin with a side order of Aleve.

  • namnezia says:

    Ugh. Hope all are feeling better now.