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Oct 25 2010 Published by under Donors Choose

The Donors Choose challenge that you've been participating in has been doing great.  We've raised a ton of money for projects for needy kids in Michigan (estimated reach this year is over 430 kids).

But the challenge will be over in about two weeks, and some of the projects will be expiring soon.  This one for example, will purchase audiobook equipment.  They need $241 more, and they need it soon.  Maybe we can make these kids happy in the next 18  hours?

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  • Jenny says:

    PalMD mentions the DonorsChoose challenge ending in less than a week, but I thought it ran from Oct 10th through Nov 9th. Am I confused?

    Anyway, I thought I'd contribute write-ups of the more time-critical projects on the list, in case they may be helpful. Also, my thought is that not all the funding need necessarily come from just one group of donors; as initial donations come in, they can jump-start giving from other parts of the DonorsChoose site, as has been seen with projects previously listed.

    Two of the new projects focus on improving reading through listening to audio books. The first is in a rural grade school in Byron. A significant percentage of the kids come from very low income homes, and many have a hard time with reading, so they dislike it. The teacher requests two CD players and five audio books for a new classroom listening station to help the kids learn to read fluently and with expression, rather than in the slow monotone common to struggling readers. Kids who hear stories read aloud learn the rewards that will come if they make the effort to read, and their greater knowledge of vocabulary, pronunciation, and cadence makes reading aloud easier. The teacher says "This project will open the eyes of my students to the beauty and joy of picking up a good book." The project has 10 days left and presently needs $241; the link to donate through PalMD's First Aid to Michigan Students is:

    The second literacy project is in Grand Rapids, and again, a significant percentage of the kids - first graders - are low income. Facing a wide range of backgrounds and needs amongst her students, the teacher asks for a set of 18 audio book CDs for use in a classroom listening station. This will provide necessary support for kids' reading as they follow along in their books, and also help the teacher differentiate her instruction so all the kids get what they need. The project has 20 days left and currently requires $394; the link to donate is:

    The third project is in a Detroit preschool where most of the kids come from very low-income homes and have few toys of their own. Four different languages are spoken in this classroom. The teacher requests building blocks, both as an extremely valuable tool for preschoolers' development and as a basis for the learning of English during building time. This project has 23 days left and presently needs $476; the link to donate is: