Donors Choose project needs urgent help (#donorschoose)

Oct 21 2010 Published by under Donors Choose

Reader and Donors Choose booster Jenny just posted this in a comment. I'm elevating it so that hopefully we can help these kids before the clock stops:

I’m posting again because I just noticed an extremely worthy literacy project on the point of expiration, and I believe it could yet be rescued. It’s in a low income area in Hart, where a class of 3rd grade struggling readers have requested a funny book that makes them want to read. The teacher points out that when kids feel motivated to try and are actually competing for copies of a book, there’s no doubt that their literacy level is improving. This project will help hunreds of kids for years to come. The link to donate through PalMD’s First Aid For Michigan Students is:

For anyone inspired to donate, note that if the project winds up expiring, DonorsChoose will send you email tomorrow morning giving you the opportunity to apply your donation to another project of your choice – it’s straightforward and simple.

I’ve posted the project to a few different Giving Pages so as to have a larger pool of potential donors. The problem is that when a project costs more than a little bit and time is short, donors often assume that the project will expire anyway because no one else will donate, so then they don’t themselves, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. But if the amount needed can be brought down to a point where the project shows up on the first page of the project list for Stephen Colbert fans, where members of the web site Reddit are presently hastening to get their donation total up to $500,000 for the reward of getting to interview Colbert, I think the project has a decent chance of getting funded. DonorsChoose will keep the project listed for several hours even after it reaches the “1 hour left” status.

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  • Jenny says:

    Thanks for all the support for this project! Just thought I'd give an update in case anyone happens by tonight who might be interested. The project is down to $211 needed and has maybe 1 1/4 to 2 1/4 hours to go, I believe. DonorsChoose has it listed as < 1 hour left, but this is false. Really, DonorsChoose projects expire very late at night - I can't remember exactly when. They keep "less than 1 hour left" status for hours. I've posted the project as many places as I could think of; we'll see what happens.

  • Jenny says:

    Drat - DonorsChoose standard expiration time appears to be midnight EST. I had misremembered it as later. Thanks again for all the support, and sorry if anyone saw my previous update and was misled. I'm going to tell the teacher that she should resubmit her project asap and see if it makes it back on the list while all these various challenges are still going on. I seem to have made it my mission the last week or so to rescue expiring projects...

  • Anna says:

    Is there any reason we can't mail the teacher copies of the book if we find them? I found a couple the other day in very good shape in a used bookstore. If you get your audience hunting for them, she may end up with more copies than she could ever need!

    Just a thought.