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Oct 18 2010 Published by under Donors Choose

Update: You did it! Thanks to several donations, large and small, there will be a fully functioning hands-on science classroom! You made my day, but more important, you made a lot of days for a lot of kids. A special thanks to Jenny, who set off this challenge. --PalMD

Update: you guys have once again really helped out. But there's still another $434 to go, and only six days left. Even a dollar makes a difference.

You folks have done wonders in the short time our challenge has been running. You've helped to fully fund projects that reach hundreds of students. The donations have been of all sizes and each one has had a significant impact.

A donor this evening brought to my attention a project in particularly urgent need. There are only 7 days left to get this project fully funded or the challenge will expire. This is a big project, and it's going to take some work on our part. The idea is essentially to equip an inner city classroom with a hands-on science curriculum. It's an expensive project, but the materials will be available for around 90 kids each year.

Some of my favorite projects have been funded, thanks to you, and these kids are really lucky. Let's see if we can get a bunch of young folks fired up about science, and education in general. This blog gets hundreds of hits each day, and if even a small number of you leave small donations (1-5 bucks) we can get there pretty quickly.

Michigan schools are in miserable shape, which means Michigan kids are suffering. Please?

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