Donors Choose Update

Oct 13 2010 Published by under Donors Choose


You did it! Thanks so much! We've fully funded this project!

Stay tuned for the next challenge. It didn't require large donations to reach hundreds of kids, so browse the other programs and we'll talk tomorrow.

OK, folks, exactly TWO of you have helped out Michigan schoolkids in need.  And I'm cool with that (thanks, Mom!).

But some of these projects are so inexpensive, and can reach so many kids, it's worth considering asking you guys to kick in just a couple of bucks.  I'm not even going to mention higher giving levels; the economy is horrible.  But if you can spare even 1-5 dollars, they add up quickly.  One of the literacy projects only needs $43 $38 $28 more to go live.  Why don't we focus on finding $43 $38 $28 before lunchtime tomorrow.  Please?  I'd love to see it happen with small donations so that we can all feel like we helped out.

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