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My swine flu shot

Getting my swine flu shot

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  • Evil Government-Pharma Officer says:

    Time to fire up the mind control ray now that the microchip is implanted. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

  • Kate from Iowa says:

    I just can't figure out who it is that wants me to die!
    The anti-vaccination people tell me I don't need the shot because it's eeeeeeevil! (insert cackle here)
    Polk county won't give me one because I'm not:
    morbidly obese
    a child
    caring for a child
    caring for old people
    a teacher
    a health care worker
    caring for a newborn
    too poor to pay for my own

  • Evil Government-Pharma Officer says:

    Our microchips are in short supply. Your time will come, Kate from Iowa.

  • Dianne says:

    You look pretty cheerful for someone with a needle sticking in their arm. I guess knowing that you've just reduced your chances of spending 2 weeks sometime this winter with a high fever, body aches, and short of breath counteracts the pain. Or the mind control microchip is working really well. Whichever.

  • mxh says:

    Mind control chip??? I thought I am supposed to get autism! Oh well... better to have the mind control chip than the lungs that I've recently seen in the pathology department.

  • Evil Government-Pharma Officer says:

    Not to be a party pooper, but those lungs were faked by us to scare people into getting their mind control chips.

  • JustaTech says:

    Want! Actually, I want my boyfriend to get one, since he rides the bus and has already gotten pinkeye from the bus. (*I* never got anything that nasty from the bus!) But as neither of us is in any of the primary groups (I work with college students, does that count?) it will be a long time coming.

  • Donna B. says:

    Still no vaccine available where I live.

  • joe says:

    i think comrad obama is the czar of the antivax movement. can't get a h1n1 anywhere. this is what national health care will be like - for everything.

  • ema says:

    Bwahaha, no gloves!

  • D. C. Sessions says:

    Too late -- looks like I picked it up and took it home. Thanks to a misspent youth (well, 1957 anyway) I barely noticed. $HERSELF is now coming out of a totally wretched week.
    Someday she may forgive me. Maybe. I hope before it rains out here.

  • mxh says:

    can't get a h1n1 anywhere. this is what national health care will be like - for everything

    Is the government having problems getting it out or the vaccine companies??

  • Chris says:

    Yes, he is a cutie-pie. Just like his little girl.
    Today my daughter's tenth grade biology teacher showed the PBS NOVA program on the 1918 influenza pandemic. My daughter was freaked out by the song ("I had a little bird I named Enza... I opened a window and In Flew Enza!"). The teacher encourage her students to get the H1N1 vaccine.
    I wish I could find it in my community! (she and her brothers did get the seasonal flu vaccine in September)

  • ...tom... says:

    @ Kate from Iowa #2
    Come work at my Polk County, Iowa medical center where all employees are required to be vaccinated ...or wear a mask at all times while on hospital property.
    Get vaccinated whether you are involved in patient care or not. I suppose you might breathe on someone in the cafeteria.
    Call me old-fashioned . . .but I would like to decide what goes in my body ...rather than my employer telling me.

  • Joel says:

    Dianne: I don't know - personally, I've barely felt my last few shots.

  • Harald Korneliussen says:

    I'm soo jealous. Sniffle. Must take some paracet and go back to bed.

  • SciWo says:

    Ack! Still can't get Minnow either the seasonal or H1N1 flu shot. Not happy.

  • becca says:

    You look freakishly happy there. Particularly given how much of a *serious concentration* face you have in the canoe pic. Pal likes shots more than canoes? I don't think vaccination can help you. You sick, sick puppy.

  • YAY vaccine!!! You make a great posterdoc for it, with that grin!
    Also, where did you GET that tan in MICHIGAN??? (I'm in the south, and yet, let's just say I don't need makeup for my ghost costume.)
    I have to say, I grinned the first time I ever got a flu shot, too! The needles are soooooo thin, it's practically a mosquito bite rather than a shot!

  • LostMarbles says:

    I got mine this week too! Except I had the super-ebil version with squalene, so I'm expecting to drop dead any minute now.

  • PalMD says:

    It's not a tan but my natural swarthy self.

  • History Punk says:

    'Call me old-fashioned . . .but I would like to decide what goes in my body ...rather than my employer telling me."
    I'll call you a moron because employers have been trying to dictate what guys into the bodies of their employees for much of American history. If you had paid attention in your American history classes, you would know that employers have wage war on the Demon Rum, cigarettes, other tobacco products, the current crop of demon drugs, and other products for most of our existence as a nation.
    And tom, you're free to do what people who dislike these prohibitions do- quit.

  • Orac says:

    Damn it, my cancer center doesn't have the vaccine yet. Well, it has some vaccine, but only enough for the highest risk patients and employees. There's not enough for all medical personnel yet.

  • The Blind Watchmaker says:

    Go PAL, Go!

  • DebinOz says:

    My local medical centre has vaccine clinics two times a week. Sign up, and go there, and it is free. My daughter goes to University, and the students just rock up and get the shot, for free.
    We are all going this next week. I was a bit sceptical earlier about this pandemic (here in Australia), but I have been following the CDC information, and this blog.
    Plus I will do the opposite of what the looney antivaxers want me to do.
    Thanks, Pal.

  • Kate from Iowa says:

    I sell insurance, Tom. The number of people who sit across my desk and cough or sneeze (and damn if I don't see more nose-pickers than I have since I worked daycare!) all over me without even pretending to consider covering thier nose and mouth is truly disgusting.
    If I don't get the pigflu, I'm most likely going to get pneumonia from inhaling all that lysol...

  • Catharine says:

    Such a sweet pic!