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Sep 30 2009 Published by under Donors Choose

Here in Michigan, schools are hurting---a lot. Classrooms are crowded, schools are closing, supplies are non-existent. Even in "wealthy" districts, the system is failing. Parents, when they can, supply the bulk of classroom supplies.
This is a good time to think about DonorsChoose, a unique charity that allows teachers to create proposals, and donors to choose what to fund. Many of these have matching funds available. Over on my left sidebar you can click over to check out my page, which is devoted to projects in Michigan. Please consider even small donations.

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  • Donna B. says:

    As much as I hope Michigan classrooms are well-funded, I have chosen to fund Arkansas classrooms.
    My step-sister teaches middle school science in SW Arkansas and even though her class is not yet listed (I sent her the link just a month ago), I have supported her science classes in several ways.
    One, I have previewed videos with her and recommended either she show them or not. (Some were absolutely horrible in many ways and some were fantastic. I appreciated the fact I had input.)
    Two, I have collaborated with her on how cooking is related to chemistry. My marshmallow recipe was either a great success or a great failure depending on one's point of view.
    Three, I have encouraged my father to use his engineering and carpentry skills to build mobile furniture that houses multi-media equipment for shared use in her school's science classrooms. He thought he wasn't skilled enough...
    Four, I sent her a link to Donors Choose because she'd never heard of it before.
    Fifth, I hope that every school district in every state has at least one teacher who is as excited about her subject as my step-sister is. I am sure she is not the only one.
    Last, but in no way related to the above, I try to make sure that every gift I choose for my grandchildren will encourage them to learn in some way. Blank paper, crayons, paints, play-doh, dress-up clothes (my favorite!) and books are always on the "to buy" list.
    My husband used to laugh at me, saying that my children (his step-children) could push the "it's educational" button and get me to do or buy most anything.
    He was right. And I don't regret it.