ER, homeopath style

Jul 03 2009 Published by under Absurd medical claims, humor

Yes, every skeptic on the web has posted this, but it is irresistible. Remember, yanks, that A&E in the UK is not a boring cable TV channel but what they call an ER.

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  • It may be everywhere but I saw it here first.
    Excuse me, I'm late for my scream therapy appointment.

  • SimonG says:

    I think you mean that ER is not the head of state, but what you call the A&E.

  • ABM says:

    As much as I hate it when "our side" is being smug, that was pretty funny. Especially the homeopathic lager... I didn't see that coming. One thing I have to ask is why did extending his life line with a pen cause him to expire? I mean, I know there's no actual proof that the two events are related, but they happened around the same time, and why aren't you keeping an open mind about the possibility?