Do the Geiers hate autistic children?

May 22 2009 Published by under Absurd medical claims, Medicine

It would certainly seem so. Alternative autism "experts" have a long history of dehumanizing autistic kids. But the Geiers take it one step further. The father-son team is chemically castrating autistic children. And what do they have to say about this?

...the Geiers focus on issues most likely to disturb parents, such as aggressive behavior and excessive masturbation.
"With masturbating there is a degree of normal, and then there is autism. Parents will say: 'He will hump pillows, he will hump your leg,' " David Geier told doctors at Eisenstein's office. He made similar statements on the same visit to about 60 parents of autistic children.
In an autistic teenager, high testosterone will lead to dangerous aggression, Mark Geier said, mentioning an autistic Ohio teen accused of killing his mother. "They are incredibly strong. They can hurt you," he said. "You have to respect that these kids are on massive testosterone."
Autistic children with high testosterone are heading down an ominous path, the Geiers said, and likely will end up hooked on psychiatric drugs, institutionalized or jailed.
In an interview, Eisenstein described going to the home of a young child to administer a Lupron shot that is injected into the buttocks with a long needle. "His dad is a big guy like myself, [and] it took both of us to hold him down to give him the first injection," he said. "It reminded me of ... a really wild dog or a cat."

Jailed? Really? Is anyone other than you actually suggesting this? According to these so-called experts, autistic kids aren't even human. They are aggressive, hypersexual animals. Now it's castration. What's next? Imprisonment? Worse?
Parents of autistic kids are often lost. But if they fall into the orbit of these evil men, all of their worst fears will be realized; their kids will never be treated like human beings.

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  • Larkspur says:

    I remember some 40 years ago, my aunt worked with Downs children and other children with similar learning or developmental disabilities. She described her job as working with "the trainables": those juvenile humans who could be trained to be...what? Presentable enough to escape confinement to the back wards?
    But we don't have so many back wards these days. And yet, I have to say that if my aunt's efforts at "training" her young students/patients to be less alarming to mainstream society were at all effective, it had to materially improve their lives. Wouldn't it? If it meant that they got to see more of the world and interact more with other humans?
    Another thing I thought while reading this post: I have just noticed a new television ad directed at men who have discovered that they just don't like to golf 18 holes any more, and are grumpy, and whose intimate pleasures are not so pleasurable any more...and the problem? "Low-T." Just that. Low-T. As if saying the word "testosterone" out loud is somehow emasculating. As if testosterone were both magical and unmentionable.
    I know I am all over the map with my comment. What ties it together, I think, is my wish that we could just talk about it. I get it that unrestrained public masturbation is disruptive and upsetting, and that families really really want to be able to teach their children the difference between private time and other time. And I DO NOT KNOW how this can be achieved with an autistic child, or any other child for whom the usual inhibitions don't make sense. Would it be better if the child were medicated without it being described as akin to holding down a wild animal? Or is the cited example a matter of trying to use a pharmaceutical fix instead of a slower behavioral method?
    This breaks my heart. I do not agree with much of anything Jenny McCarthy says, but this is the kind of situation that might draw people to her.

  • _Arthur says:

    Yates H. mother in the Autism omnibus trial:
    "He also receives daily subcutaneous Lupron injections as well as Lupron intramuscular injections"
    Q: What is the purpose of that ?
    "The purpose of that ? Yates has high testosterone levels that were not appropriate for his age. It made sense of some of his aggressive and out-of-contol behavior. Since the Lupron injections, Yates has been a much calmer little boy, and there's been more of a connection with Yates."
    Q: And who is the doctor that prescribed that mrdication ?
    "That's Dr. Mark Geier."

  • Strider says:

    Who wouldn't fight like a wildcat when faced with being injected in the butt with a long needle for no good reason?

  • star the wonder pup says:

    What is this bullshit? I am the parent for life of a 23 yrar-old autistic child. I cannot imagine holding him down and injecting him with anything.
    These are sick fucks.
    Robin Kirk, Ph.D. (psychology)
    St. Pete Beacg FL

  • Jimbo Jones says:

    @ _Arthur, #2:
    What's your point?

  • eddie says:

    A more pertinint question I think is how much they make from the lupron.
    PS - I took _Arthur's point to bre pointing out that the mother only hopes the 'treatments' are working and still has no basis in evidence that they are.

  • _Arthur says:

    My point is that Lupron is being injected into small kids (as young as 4 years old) under 2 or possibly 3 rationales.
    Dr. Geier reason is that Lupron somehow "potentializes" chelation.
    The separate rationlae he peddles to insurance companies is that all the kids he treats suffers from "precocious puberty" and "hypermasculinity". I expect this is a lie and a fraud.
    The third rationale, and the one parents notice, is using Lupron as a mood behavior drug. Lupron is a potent hormone drug, it is certain to have both effects and side-effects.
    The medical community does not consider long-term Lupron injection as an adequate "treatment" for autism. you can change the mood of your kid by making him take sleeping pills, or red wine, or marijuana, too.
    To close up this rant, the little Yates H. was subjected to several dozens of "biomedical" "treatments", for his alleged mercury poisioning, his alleged leaky gut, or any other quackery. The mother is left to guess which "treatment" worked best, while the obvious conclusion is that none worked.
    She even also mentions speech therapy and ABA as possible contributors to her child progress.

  • Tsu Dho Nimh says:

    Ask any farmer ... castrating young males makes them more docile, less aggressive.

  • Jimbo Jones says:

    Apologies, _Arthur. I had the wrong end of the stick.

  • rjcjmom says:

    And yet, I am aware of a few older teen boys winding up in jail from their aggressive behaviour, usually winding up at an institution after that. I think what each autistic child needs deserves very careful and individualized attention. I know my two autistic boys certainly require different approaches. Myself, I think ABA-type therapy would be preferable over meds, but that is just me.