Don't miss your PalCast

Apr 30 2009 Published by under PalCast

I'd like to remind everyone that the PalCast, after a brief hiatus, is up and running again. Given the chaos of life and work (and the fact that work is likely to get even busier very, very soon) the schedule may be a tiny bit erratic, but tune might like it.
The PalCast (coined by Isis the Scientist) is my weekly (more or less) podcast about medicine, real life, and anything else I feel like. The link above allows you to add it to listen in any way you prefer, including iTunes. I'm promoting it because I like it...I don't have sponsors or anything (although if Peet's Coffee wants to help out a long-time fan, I'm willing to give them a shout out for some Major Dickason's).

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