PalCast 6

Feb 28 2009 Published by under PalCast

It's up and ready! It's maybe not my best, but I'm getting used to my new equipment and I've been out of the podcasting biz for a while.
Feel free to come back here and discuss.

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  • TimK says:

    Didn't expect vaccines and addiction to be tied together with a common conclusion, but it was a great one!
    It's so easy to show scorn to people suffering from substance addiction or faulty logic, but I agree with you that a commitment to mind=brain demands that we have compassion. As some say, "There but for the grace of god go I"... Each of us as a human being falls for psychological traps now and then, so let's try to be patient and kind with those we think are misguided. (Maybe not with the leaders of a destructive meme, but at least with those taken by it.)

  • PalMD says:

    Thanks, Tim, and btw, it's great to have you aboard (please check out his writing at science-based medicine, linked above)

  • Stephanie Z says:

    Well, sound quality was maybe not as consistent as in some of the other PalCasts, but the content was right up there. I almost walked straight past my coffee this morning while listening.
    I think one of the other things that thinking about the understanding of vaccinations in this manner highlights is that we can't abandon anecdote (story) to the infectious disease promoters. No, they're not data, but they reach people that data can't, not while we don't understand how to break through irrationality. That's certainly something that ad people understand.

  • PalMD says:

    Playing with Audacity on my new might be a mic problem. I noticed that some of it came out echo-y or tinny, and i'm not sure yet why. I'll probably buy a new mic.