xkcd FTW

Jan 23 2009 Published by under humor

Similar to this classic geek comic, xkcd shows the stupidity of the above-average geek.

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  • I love this one so much. I love even more that it's a true story!
    I dream of someday being as geeky as the xkcd guy!

  • I don't even know why that poor nerd is even talking to that obvious Luddite. Doorbells are so 19th century.

  • This seems to be some kind of reverse equivalence to the proverb that "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail".

  • Art says:

    I once was forced at work to attend a stalk by an expert of organization and motivation. he went on and on about how we need to pay attention to detail and pay attention to the little things. How we were representing ourselves, our company, and our nation. The guy laid out detail strategies and all sorts of factoids and ideas.
    After the talk there was lunch which was, graciously, provide and a lot of talk around the tables. Very little of it was about the content of the presentation. The main subject of all the conversations was that his fly was down.
    We control nations, run technology that was science fiction just a decade or two ago, command great armies and fearsome weapons, we explore the distant reaches of our universe and plumb the depths of the subatomic scale ...
    But we can't keep our pants zipped up and our shoes tied.